10 Action Verbs List and Example Sentences

10 Action Verbs List and Example Sentences

Action Verbs List

Action verbs are used to express physical and mental actions. In action verbs, it is tried to explain what the subject in the sentence does. When the examples of action verbs are examined, it is understood in which function and for what purpose they are used in sentences. Action verbs, which have an important place in English, must be used correctly. To avoid ambiguity in sentences and to express thoughts correctly, attention should be paid to the usage style.

Use of Action Verbs in Sentences

Action verbs are often used in sentences. There can be more than one action verb in a sentence. Action verbs can be used movably and mentally. Examples of these situations are:

  • Sam throws the ball.
  • He accepted the new job.
  • Sam visited his grandmother for a while and then went home.
  • The cat ran into the garden.
  • He was hastily
  • The cat sat by the door.
  • I will play this song on the piano.
  • In the summer we will swim in the sea.
  • He got on his new bike.
  1. needle
  2. flee
  3. stamp
  4. panic
  5. murder
  6. retaliate
  7. find
  8. zip
  9. nab
  10. grunt