20 Common English Adjectives List

20 Common English Adjectives List

Adjectives are words that indicate, introduce or shape words that come before or after them. The words it affects are of noun origin. It can also sometimes affect pronouns. Adjectives can influence, explain, or shape words in many ways. There are 3 different named adjectives. The place of these adjectives in sentences is different.

  1. Attributive Adjectives: These adjectives are used just before nouns in the sentence.
  • There are a lot of juicy oranges on the tree.
  1. Predicative Adjectives: These adjectives are used after the noun in the sentence. Also, a “linking verb” is used between the noun and the adjective.
  • She is happy after the good things that happened.
  1. Postpositive Adjectives: Adjectives here are located right after pronouns or nouns. Usually common with pronouns.
  • There were things scary in my dream.

Here are; 4500 Adjectives List From A to Z in English

1. unwitting

2. communal

3. revamped

4. jittery

5. magnanimous

6. inevitable

7. aggressive

8. selective

9. specialized

10. pardonable

11. opinionated

12. presumptuous

13. marketable

14. unblemished

15. knotty

16. smashing

17. tepid

18. evil

19. indomitable

20. prior