+150 Aquarium Fish Names List

+150 Aquarium Fish Names List

Fish are the most important part of habitats in fresh and salt waters. Fish, which have thousands of varieties, is the source of nutrition for living creatures as part of the habitat and even the species used commercially by humans. The existence of fish on earth is known until about 450 million years ago. The ability of fish with fins and gills to survive underwater also depends on these, because they meet their oxygen need in this way and swim. The fish, which can be in very small and very large sizes, have different colors and species that can live in different waters. While some fish feed on plants in the water, others are fed by hunting small fishes. In terms of reproduction, fish generally reproduce by leaving the fertilized eggs outside of the body.

Adolfo’s Cory
Adonis Tetra
African Peacock Cichlid
Atlantic Mudskipper

Barb – Gold
Barb – Rosy
Barb – Schwanefeld’s
Barb – Tiger
Betta – female
Betta – male
Black-Banded Leporinus
Black Neon Tetra
Black Phantom Tetra
Black Skirt Tetra
Black Widow Tetra
Blind Cavefish
Blood Parrot

Blood parrot fishes
Blue Gourami – Cosby Hybrid
Blue Gourami – Traditional Color
Boeseman’s Rainbowfish
Bronze Cory

Cardinal Tetra
Cardinal tetra fish
Catfish – Upside Down
Cavefish – Blind
Cichlid – Five-bar
Cichlid – Purple
Cichlid – Six-bar
Clown Loach

Danio – Pearl
Danio – Zebra
Debauwi Cat
Deepwater Hap
Denison’s Flying Fox
Dojo Loach
Dragon Fish
Dusky Piranha
Dwarf Croaking Gourami
Dwarf Gourami
Dwarf Pencilfish

Earth Eater
Eastern Mudminnow
Edible Gourami
Eduard’s Mbuna
Ell Loach
Egyptian Mouthbrooder
Eight-Barb Loach
Electric Blue Hap
Electric Catfish
Electric Yellow Hap
Elegant Rasbora

Fairy Cichlid
False Bumblebee Catfish
Fathead Bichir
Fighting Fish
Figure Eight Puffer
Five-bar Cichlid

Gold Barb
Gourami – Blue
Gourami – Dwarf
Gourami – Golden
Gourami – Leeri
Gourami – Marbeled
Gourami – Moonlight

Haitian Cichlid
Half-Lined Pyrrhulina
Hampala Barb
Harlequin Rasbora
Harlequin Shark
Harrison’s Pencilfish

Jack Dempsey
Jae Barb
Jaguar Catfish
Jelly Bean Tetra
Jewel Cichlid
Johanni Mbuna
Jordan’s Catfish

Kafirnigani Gray Loach
Katangae Nile Bichir
Keyhole Cichlid
Kissing Gourami

Labidochromis sp “Yellow”
Labidochromis yellow fish
Christian Hutter / Getty Images
Lamprologus – Five-stripe
Lamprologus – Six-stripe
Leeri Gourami
Leporinus – Black-Banded

Marbled Gourami
Marigold Lyertail Swordtail

Needle Fin Eater

Obese Syndontis
Obliquidens Hap
Obscure Snakehead
Ocellated Freshwater Stingray
Ocellated Shell-Dweller
Ocellated Synodontis

Palembang Puffer
Papuan Rainbowfish
Parrot – Blood
Pearl Danio
Pearl Gourami
Pearl Gourami

Rainbowfish – Boeseman’s
Rasbora – Red
Red Eye Tetra
Red Rasbora

Schwanefeld’s Barb
Siamese Fighting Fish
Silver Dollar – Metynnis argenteus
Six-bar Cichlid
Six-stripe Lamprologus

Tetra – Black Neon
Tetra – Black Phantom
Tetra – Black Skirt
Tetra – Black Widow
Tetra – Cardinal

Unicorn Fish

Vampire Pleco
Variegated Platy
Variegated Shark

Wallago Catfish
Weather Fish
Weather Loach
West African Bichir

Yellow Banded Moenkhausia
Yellow Julie
Yellow King Piranha
Yellow Kribensis
Yellow Lab
Yellow Regal Peacock Cichlid
Yellow-Finned Xenotilapia