50 Amphibians Animals Name List

50 Amphibians Animals Name List

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Amphibians Animals

Amphibians are small vertebrates that struggle to survive. These creatures need water or a moist environment. Amphibians species include frogs, toads, salamanders. These creatures breathe and absorb water through the very thin skin on their surface. Amphibians produce useful proteins with special skin glands. Some species can transport water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide to the interior or exterior of the animal. Other types may fight bacterial or fungal infections. Each of these types has features that can be used for defense.

  • The most venomous amphibians have bright colors, which creates a warning to potential predators. Most amphibians go through the egg-laying stage. Larvae live in water and swim here. Frogs in this larval stage are called tadpoles. The larvae that reach a certain size develop their lungs. Some larvae also lose their tails. Eventually, they become adults. In this way, they climb from their water position and begin to spend the rest of their lives on land. This process is also called metamorphosis.
  • Like reptiles, amphibians are cold-blooded creatures. Because of their special skin, they need special living space. If they are exposed to too much sun, their cells can be damaged. Too much wind can dry the skin of these creatures. As a result, amphibians cannot meet the conditions and die when their habitat is degraded. That’s why they are very sensitive creatures. Today, most frogs have faced death. The main reason for this is the degradation of their habitats.

Here are 58 Amphibians Animals Name List

  1. water frog
  2. newt
  3. tongueless frog
  4. climbing salamander
  5. treefrog
  6. toad
  7. tailed frog
  8. warty newt
  9. spotted newt
  10. ensatina
  11. frog
  12. disc-tongued frog
  13. crested newt
  14. giant salamander
  15. barking frog
  16. fork-tongued frog
  17. gerrothorax
  18. true frog
  19. mud salamander
  20. mantella frog
  21. torrent salamander
  22. red-eyed tree frog
  23. fire salamander
  24. sedge frog
  25. tadpole
  1. brook salamander
  2. ghost frog
  3. hellbender
  4. paddle-tail newt
  5. leopard frog
  6. western toad
  7. red salamander
  8. fire-belly newt
  9. siren
  10. shovelnose frog
  11. common frog
  12. knobby newt
  13. moss frog
  14. gold frog
  15. knot of toads
  16. wood frog
  17. narrow-mouthed frog
  18. black toad
  19. dusky salamander
  20. amphiuma
  21. litter frog
  22. ground frog
  23. clawed frog
  24. natterjack
  25. eastern newt