Fish Animals, Names and Fish List Examples

Fish Animals, Names and Fish List Examples

Fish Animals

Fish are the most important part of habitats in fresh and salt waters. Fish, which have thousands of varieties, is the source of nutrition for living creatures as part of the habitat and even the species used commercially by humans. The existence of fish on earth is known until about 450 million years ago. The ability of fish with fins and gills to survive underwater also depends on these, because they meet their oxygen need in this way and swim. The fish, which can be in very small and very large sizes, have different colors and species that can live in different waters. While some fish feed on plants in the water, others are fed by hunting small fishes. In terms of reproduction, fish generally reproduce by leaving the fertilized eggs outside of the body.

+1000 Fish Names List From A to Z

It is possible to list the basic information for fish animals as follows:

  • The largest and heaviest fish among fish is the ocean sunfish. Then come the whales.
  • Whales are known as the tallest fish among fish animals.
  • Sailfish are the fastest swimming fish in the aquatic habitat.
  • The smallest fish species with a size of 9 mm is known as the dwarf goby.
  • Some fish can also breathe on water, like perch.
  • Although jellyfish are in the aquatic habitat, they are not counted as fish.

Fishes communicate with each other in some situations. They provide this communication by creating sound waves. If they are attacked by another fish, if there is a dangerous fish nearby, or just before mating, they emit sound waves. Also fish are animals that generally live as a herd. This herd can be big or small. Fish that can sense the movements of another fish underwater can also smell and taste the smell and taste while underwater. Fish that need oxygen in the water with their gills first accumulate water with their mouths. Then, they use the water they take orally with their gills to separate the oxygen and water from each other. While oxygen is being taken, the remaining water is pushed out of the gills.

The Importance of Fish for Humans

While it is a commercial business for people to raise fish, this commercial business takes place in the food sector. While fish are good for bone development with the vitamin D they contain, and by being able to deliver all the protein they contain to the body, they are good for meeting the body’s needs, while also being a healthy food for people with cholesterol. It also has the feature of preventing diseases caused by old age.