What are Sea Animals? 153 Sea Animals Names List

What are Sea Animals? 153 Sea Animals Names List

Sea Animals

Here you can find sea animals in English and example sentences with each of them. If you are learning English yourself, or you have a child that is learning English, you need to have a certain amount of vocabulary. That vocabulary will include everything you can encounter in everyday speech and the written language. This means that the more you learn words, the easier it will be for you to learn the language.

The animal is a great part of any given language. There are thousands of animal names. Of course, you cannot learn every animal’s name unless you are a biologist or something. But there are some names you need to know. Let’s learn sea animals’ names.


Dolphins are the cutest animals in the sea world.

I heard that they are not treating dolphins well in dolphin parks.


If you look carefully, seals are ugly.

Where do seals live?


I am so scared; what if we see a jellyfish?

I know what to do if a jellyfish touches me.


Did you know that Nemo is a clownfish?

I saw a bunch of clownfish the other day.


Whales are my worst fear.

Every horror movie has a whale in it.


I bet you heard so many things about piranhas’ teeth.

A pool full of piranhas is the worst thing you can see in your life.

Sea urchin

Sea urchins look aesthetically pleasing, but they might hurt you.

Can I take this sea urchin home with me?


Do not take the starfish with you, and it will die!

I saw so many starfish on our holiday.


You know that a sea lion is not an actual lion, right?

I always interfere with sea lions with otters.


What do walrus eat?

I cannot believe that we actually saw a walrus.


Squids are looking very disturbing to me.

Do squids have a brain?


Can you identify a cuttlefish if you see one?

Cuttlefish is the coolest animal in the sea world.

Sea anemone

Sea anemones are absolutely adorable.

I saw many sea anemones in my scuba diving experience.


Sturgeons look very dangerous to me.

Is it possible to catch a sturgeon?


I touched a jellyfish earlier; it was very soft and had a weird texture.

I am terrified of being touched by a jellyfish.


I have never seen a shrimp in its natural habitat.

Can you identify a shrimp just by looking at it?