30 Astronomy Words List, Astronomical Terms

30 Astronomy Words List, Astronomical Terms

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Astronomy Words

If you know the frequently used astronomy words, they will help you better understand the science of astronomy. It will also help you choose the right astronomy words to use in conversations in your daily life. Often many words are used in the science of astronomy. You can take a look at the most frequently used of these astronomy words. You will also encounter many astronomy words that will attract your attention with their use in sentences. You can start browsing astronomy words for correct usage and effective conversations. For more detailed information, review the examples about astronomy and provide your repetitions.

Here are 234 Astronomy Words List, Astronomical Terms

  1. dwarf star
  2. ionosphere
  3. radiation
  4. sun
  5. north star
  6. roche limit
  7. parallax
  8. kirkwood gaps
  9. hydrogen
  10. visual magnitude
  11. wavelength
  12. light-year
  13. syzygy
  14. black body
  15. umbra
  1. radiant
  2. astronomer
  3. light year
  4. flare
  5. oort cloud
  6. quarter moon
  7. perturbation
  8. barlow lens
  9. zodiac
  10. nasa
  11. nebula
  12. mare
  13. azimuth
  14. black hole
  15. planetary nebula