Parts of Body Names and Expressions, Organs in The Body

Parts of Body Names and Expressions, Organs in The Body

Parts Of The Body

Our body consists of many parts. It is very important to learn the parts of our body in detail in order not to create a meaning disorder in the sentences you will use in daily life. It works in harmony with body parts and provides life. We can list the parts of the body as follows:

  • Face, Arm, Hand, Leg, Feet, Fingers

If we define the parts in the face area, there are especially the following parts:

  • Eye, nose, mouth, ear, chin, eyebrow, eyelash, lip, cheek

Mouth: The part used for speaking, eating, and breathing.

  • “You have to be careful not to talk with food in your mouth.”

Nose: the part used to smell and breathe.

  • “Through his nose, he could smell the strongest odors.

Arms and Hands: Arms and hands are in a combined structure. The parts included in these parts are:

  • finger, palm, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, thumb

The parts on the hands and fingers are as follows:

  • Hand, thumb, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger, nail

The parts found in the leg and foot piece are:

  • knee, leg, shin, calf (muscle), ankle, heel, foot, toe

Knowing the names of body parts is very important to increase vocabulary in English. For example, when you see a doctor, you will accurately describe the parts of your body to show which part is the problem. Therefore, it is very important to learn the parts of the body correctly in English. In addition, if you want to share an idiom about the human body in English, you must know these parts correctly.

Internal Parts of the Body

Apart from the external parts of the body, there are also internal parts. These interiors, in order, are:

  • Heart: Helps pump blood throughout the body.
  • Lungs: Air reaches the lungs when you breathe in.
  • Veins: Carries and transmits blood throughout your body.
  • Brain: Provides mental activities such as thinking.
  • Bosphorus: The passage of food is from here.
  • Liver: Helps to clean the blood.
  • Stomach: The food you eat goes here and is ground.
  • Kidneys: The body processes waste.
  • Skeleton: The name given to all the bones in the body.
  • Ribs: The structure that protects the organs in the chest.
  • Bones: Skeletons are made up of bones. It forms the shape of the human body.

With these parts, the human body has perfect functioning. Knowing these words and human body parts in English, you can use them in your daily life.