30 Collective Nouns List, Examples of Collective Nouns List

30 Collective Nouns List, Examples of Collective Nouns List

The group names that contain more than one subject or article in grammar are called “Collective Nouns”. The contents of these collective nouns can be people, animals, things, and so on. There is a large number of cases within the specified community. There are generally known examples of collective nouns. Collective nouns can be created within a rule.

1.a shower of rain

2.a stack of wood

3.a chest of drawers

4.a cluster of coconuts

5.a cloud of dust

6.a regiment of soldiers

7.a staff of employees

8.a team of players

9.a tribe of natives

10.a troop of scouts

11.a class of students

12.a company of actors

13.a tribe of natives

14.a swarm of bees

15.A colony of badgers

16. sloth of bears

17.A bowl of rice

18.A bundle of sticks

19.A catalogue of prices

20.A chest of drawers

21.Anthology of Prose

22.A hand of bananas

23.A harvest of wheat

24.A heap of rubbish

25.Atlas of Maps

26.Fleet of Cars

27.Quiver of Arrows

28.Range of Mountains

29.Roll of Coins

30.Rope of Pearls