50 Collective Nouns List, Examples of Collective Nouns List

50 Collective Nouns List, Examples of Collective Nouns List

The group names that contain more than one subject or article in grammar are called “Collective Nouns”. The contents of these collective nouns can be people, animals, things, and so on. There is a large number of cases within the specified community. There are generally known examples of collective nouns. Collective nouns can be created within a rule.

1.a shoal of fish

2.a gang of prisoners

3.a string of horses

4.a stud of horses

5.a swarm of bees

6.a team of oxen

7.a train of camels

8.a tribe of goats

9.a troop of lions

10.a zoo of wild animals

11.a crowd of people

12.an anthology of poems

13.a horde of savages

14.a bale of cotton

15.a basket of fruit

16.a batch of bread

17.a galaxy of stars

18.a group of islands

19.a fleet of ships

20.a forest of trees

21.an army of ants

22.a bevy of quail

23.a broad of chickens

24.a catch of fish

25.a cloud of insects

26.a colony of gulls

27.a drove of horses

28.a flight of birds

29.a flock of sheep

30.a band of musicians

31.a bevy of ladies

32.a board of directors

33.a body of men

34.a bunch of crocks

35.a caravan of gypsies

36.a choir of singers

37.a class of students

38.a company of actors

39.a gaggle of geese

40.a haul of fish

41.a herd of cattle

42.a hive of bees

43.a host of sparrows

44.a kindle of kittens

45.a litter of cubs

46.a staff of employees

47.a team of players

48.a tribe of natives

49.a troop of scouts

50.a troupe of artistes