Collective Nouns List Starting With H

Collective Nouns Starting With H

The group names that contain more than one subject or article in grammar are called “Collective Nouns”. The contents of these collective nouns can be people, animals, things, and so on. There is a large number of cases within the specified community. There are generally known examples of collective nouns. Collective nouns can be created within a rule.

heard of harlots
hedge of herons
herd of antelope
herd of asses
herd of boar
herd of buffalo
herd of buffaloes
herd of caribou
herd of cattle
herd of chamois
herd of chinchillas
herd of cows
herd of cranes
herd of deer
herd of donkeys
herd of elephants
herd of elk
herd of fairies
herd of llamas
herd of moose
herd of oxen
herd of pigs
herd of ponies
herd of sea horses
herd of seals
herd of swans
herd of swine
herd of walruses
herd of whales
herd of wolves
hill of ruffs
hive of bees
host of angels
host of sparrows
house of senators
hover of crows
hover of trout
huddle of lawyers
huddle of penguins
hurtle of sheep
husk of hares
husk of rabbits
hunt of hounds