20 Common Collocation Words List

20 Common Collocation Words List

The word “collocations” comes as a foreign word in grammar. But generally, many people use many collocations in their daily life, even if they do not know the name. Collocations is a word meaning are words used in stereotypes. The link established between this group of words may not sound the same when replaced with another word. This is why this group of words is named collocations. Collocations can express an emotion, a situation, an event, or an action. Apart from the collocations that we are used to daily, listening and reading are necessary to learn collocations.

Here are +450 Common Collocation Words List

1.get a call

2.do the shopping

3.take a picture

4.first love

5.carry cargo

6.grow hair

7.have a conversation

8.go a rest

9.save energy

10.make breakfast

11.break the rules

12.say nothing

13.ask card

14.lose a game

15.take advice

16.save yourself the trouble

17.play over

18.get married

19.give evidence

20.tell a secret