12 Colours Name, Colour Names List and Examples

12 colours name, Colour Names List and Examples


Color is considered as the perception that occurs as a result of the light reaching the retina. This perception occurs by the absorption and reflection of the light hitting the materials. Color or colors emerge with this absorption and reflection. Learning colors in English is also important for many things used in daily life. It is necessary to know the colors in the daily spoken language.

What Are Primary Colors in English?

The basic colors in nature are called primary colors. Primary colors are found in nature alone. In addition, secondary colors are formed by a mixture of primary colors. There are 3 main colors in total. These are the main colors:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Other secondary colors are formed by the combination of these primary colors. In addition, black and white colors are available separately from these colors. Of these colors, black does not reflect sunlight and is named after it by absorbing the sun’s rays. White color is a mixture of all colors. All colors can emerge from the white color. But the color does not appear due to absorption from the black color. This condition is also called colorlessness.

What Are Intermediate Colors in English?

Apart from the main colors, secondary colors are also used in daily life. These intermediate colors are formed by the mixture of primary colors and names. There are also 3 intermediate colors. These intermediate colors are:

  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange color with a mixture of red and yellow
  • Green with a mix of blue and yellow
  • Purple color is obtained by mixing red and blue.

1. Alice blue
2. Antique white
3. Aqua
4. Aquamarine
5. Azure
6. Beige
7. Bisque
8. Black
9. Blanched almond
10. Blue
11. Blue violet
12. Brown