10 Concrete Nouns Examples List

10 Concrete Nouns Examples List

In English grammar, nouns are parts of speech content when talking about a place or something. Concrete nouns are perceived by 5 senses and are used to express a place or an object. These five senses are smell, taste, sound, sight, and touch. These are what you will experience with these 5 sense organs in abstract nouns. Concrete nouns are also accepted as the opposite of abstract nouns. Examples of words to be given:

  • Luggage, chair, gift, book, money, medal, etc.

Concrete nouns are often physically concrete. So in this case you can see or touch them. Some concrete names cannot be seen, touched, but heard. For example:

  • noise, noise, commotion

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Examples of Concrete Nouns

There are examples of concrete nouns as nouns. These:

Living things: Living things can be observed and perceived. Concrete names are used to denote many living things in the world. These concrete names are:

  • People: man, woman, children, colleague
  • Animals: cat, bird, tiger, dog, squirrel, butterfly
  • Plants: tulip, rose, grass, tree, chrysanthemum
  • Others: bacteria, virus, cell

Places: Places can be perceived with the senses. Therefore, places are also classified as concrete nouns. Concrete names are used for all public and private places. For example:

  • parks, mountains, America, Paris, neighborhood, street

Things: Many things are referred to by concrete names. For something to be a concrete name, it must have a material value. Concrete nouns are used for many things, and examples of these are:

  • strawberry, wagon, train, money, computer, television, garbage

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