20 Second Conditional Sentences Examples, If Clauses Type 2

20 Second Conditional Sentences Examples, If Clauses Type 2

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Conditionals Type 2

Conditionals Type 2, also known as If Clause Type 2, is very different from the types and meanings that came before it. In the sentences formed with the Type 2 rule, there are usually regrets, wishes, or desires about events or situations in the past. In If Clause Type 2, it is expressed that if the conditions that could not be realized in the past or were not possible to occur in the past are met, the possibility that the expected situation may have also occurred. There is no possibility of realization in the meanings of the sentences formed with Type 2, only the thoughts of the past are expressed.

These sentences are expressions created by referring to the past for the conversation in question at the time of speaking. More precisely, it is used in the expression of approaches such as the fact that a condition in the past could have changed a situation in the present. To understand the structure of Conditionals Type 2 sentences, it is necessary to examine the tense structures used in the main sentence in addition to the subordinate clause where “If” is used.

  • The Simple Past Tense is generally used for the tense structure of the clause using “if”. Sometimes the Past Continuous Tense can also be used.
  • “Would”, “Could” and “Might” are used for the structure of the main sentence.

Here 20 Example Sentences;

1.If she studied more, she would pass the exam.

2.If I were you , I would go home.

3.If you studied hard, you would pass the exam.

4.If I didn’t warn you, you would get married that man.

5.We could go to the cinema if you gave us your tickets.

6.If I came to the party, they would have a lot of fun.

7.If you study hard, you will pass the exam.

8.We could have picked you up from there if you had given early notice.

9.They could take a vacation if their boss had given it a day off.

10.I could have come with you if you had told me yesterday.

11.If you were clever, you would understand what I meant.

12.If she were cooking, I would help her.

13.If he could come here, they would show him something that you would like.

14.If I had to attend to the meeting, I would miss the plane.

15.If she should join us (were to join us), She wouldn’t be bored.

16.If I were you, I would talk openly with him.

17.If I understood what the teacher said, I could tell you.

18.If we had more money, we would have a much better job.

19.If you had called her two hours ago, she could have waited for you.

20.If you cared about him, you wouldn’t let him get upset.