50 Declarative Sentences Examples

50 Declarative Sentences Examples

Declarative Sentence

Declarative sentences are the type of sentences used to explain or state something. Such sentences are especially preferred in English. Such sentences are preferred to explain a situation that you want the reader to know. It makes communication simpler and easier as a statement is often used to explain something. In daily life English, declarative sentences will be the most correct use when sharing thoughts and things that people want to know. Declarative sentences, which sometimes appear with plain simple sentence structure, always end with a dot. Like other sentence types, it needs a subject and a predicate.

Declarative Sentence Types

Declarative sentences are written using the present tense.

50 Declarative Sentences Examples

1.He is running.

2.Susan is leaving here.

3.He wanted to spend time with him.

4.He’s back from school.

5.The weather is warm and sunny; A perfect day to go to the sea.


7.He left here.

8.He just asked you.

9.Ice cream is cold.

10.He wanted to play football but his mother wouldn’t let him.

11.Sam loved the beach but hated the sea.

12.She reads and accompanies him.

13.He is swimming.

14.He is reading a book.

15.I like climbing.

16.Dan is upset.

17.My cat is white.

18.Dogs are cute

19.He is six years old.

20.The sky is blue.

21.He loves hamburgers.

22.The car is white.

23.He had to catch the next flight; He quickly gathered his bag.

24.It had snowed for days; The city was covered in snow.

25.Black nail polish is on.

26.The room smells bad.

27.I love my dog.

28.He is my new classmate.

29.His shoes were brand new and are now missing.

30.The dog chased the cat.

31.Mary is sick; That’s why he’s not at school today.

32.He likes trips; hates long travel.

33.My new dress is beautiful.

34.My brother likes to run but my sister prefers to stay at home.

35.I do not have a phone.

36.Apart from Spanish, she also teaches math.

37.She kissed her boyfriend again.

38.Alex likes Arya.

39.The house has a new roof; However, the roof is still leaking.

40.He is a humble man.

41.They should move on from here.

42.China is the fastest growing economy.

43.We like pizza.

44.There are 5 apples on the table.

45.She went to the park yesterday.

46.You go to holiday every summer.

47.She can speak Spanish, too.

48.She objected at first, but finally submitted.

49.They should take your umbrella because it’s raining.

50.If water reaches 100 degrees, it boils.