5 Fruit Name List

5 Fruit Name List

Fruits are formed by the formation of flowers on plants and completing themselves. The fruits that are formed are the formations that carry the seed of the plant they own, and they are called the angiosperms. There are edible fruits that contribute to the nutrition of living creatures, and fruits are a branch that opens the door to human agricultural activities. Examples of these fruits include apples, oranges, pomegranates, lemons, grapes, and much more. Formations called fruit in daily life are those that have agricultural activities and are edible. These fruits are consumed raw and their taste is generally sweet or sour. Apart from everyday life, fruit as a botanical use includes any plant that grows on a branch and bears seeds, such as tomato, corn, wheat.

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There are 3 different main groups in which fruits are classified in terms of formation type:

  1. The Apocarp Fruits: Fruits that consist of one or more carpel and a single flower. These fruits are also called simple fruits.
  2. Sinkarp Fruits: Although the number of carpels in these fruits is at least two, they also consist of more carpels.
  3. Multiple Fruits: These are fruits formed by the combination of more than one flower. Fruits such as figs and mulberries can be given as examples.