10 Interjection Examples List

10 Interjection Examples List

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Interjections are used to express strong emotions, feelings. They are often used as single words in sentences. Interjections do not affect the grammar of the sentence in English. Subject, tense, verbs are not important to use exclamation in sentences. Interjections are words that are added to the sentence and reinforce the meaning. It seems more appropriate to use an exclamation point to reinforce the meaning of the words used in the sentence. For example:

  • Yes, the broken glass hurt my hand a lot.
  • Oh, the broken glass hurt my hand so bad.

The exclamation “Ah” used here adds meaning and feeling to the sentence. In general, it is always more correct to use exclamations to express emotions such as anger, joy, sadness, excitement.

Use Of Interjections

Exclamations are usually at the beginning of sentences. This is the most common usage. Because the exclamations are used at the beginning of the sentences, emotions can be expressed easily. Examples of exclamation points used at the beginning of sentences include:

  • Wow, the dress she bought for graduation looks beautiful.
  • Oh no, I forgot that I have an exam today.
  • Yuck, the food he made tasted disgusting.
  • Yey, I finally got the school I wanted.

Here are 227 Interjection Examples List

1. Eek!

2. Well, well!

3. Ooh!

4. Fooey!

5. Zoinks!!

6. No way!

7. You bet!

8. Yum!

9. Yoo-hoo!

10. Bah!