What is Irregular Verb? List and Example Sentences

What is Irregular Verb? List and Example Sentences

Irregular Verbs

Here you can find the list of common irregular verbs used in English. You need to know the past tense form and the past participle form of the verbs in English to properly make a sentence. As you may already know, some of the verbs are regular and simply have -ed at the end of them. However, some verbs do not fit into this rule, and you need to know how those verbs are used in irregular form. It is an essential knowledge in English that will help you a lot both in understanding and using English.



Break – broke – broken (V1, V2, V3)

  • Be careful not to break this valuable piece.
  • The kids broke the mirror yesterday.
  • What am I supposed to do with this broken glass?


Buy – bought – bought (V1, V2, V3)

  • Let’s go and buy some presents for our mother.
  • I bought this computer yesterday.
  • All the necessary supplies were bought for you.


Feed – fed – fed (V1, V2, V3)

  • I will feed the cats today.
  • My sister fed the dog in the morning.
  • The pets are all fed and happy.


Find – found – found (V1, V2, V3)

  • Go and find the items you lost.
  • We went out and found her in the coffee shop.
  • What will you do with all the found things?


Draw – drew – drawn (V1, V2, V3)

  • Our homework is to draw our dream house.
  • Were you the one who drew all over the walls?
  • All the answers are drawn in the book.


Wear – wore – worn (V1, V2, V3)

  • What will you wear for this special event?
  • Do you remember what she wore the other night?
  • Nobody will want to buy these worn clothes.


Write – wrote -written (V1, V2, V3)

  • Please write 1000 words essay on the given topic.
  • I cannot forget what he wrote.
  • You can read what is already written for you.


Wake – woke – woken (V1, V2, V3)

  • Go wake your siblings up before it’s too late.
  • I woke up very early this morning.
  • They overslept, and they are not yet woken up.


Sink – sank – sunk (V1, V2, V3)

  • How do they manage to sink a ship?
  • The ship sank earlier this morning.
  • You cannot save a sunk cost; it is already gone.


Show – showed – shown (V1, V2, V3)

  • Show me all of your best tricks.
  • I showed you this in detail yesterday.
  • Please draw a line as in the shown figure.


Make – made – made (V1, V2, V3)

  • Can you make a cake for me?
  • Who made all this mess?
  • All the work is made and ready for you.