What is Neopronoun? Definition, List of Neopronouns and Example Sentences

What is Neopronoun? Definition, List of Neopronouns and Example Sentences


Pronouns are words that take the place of personal names and describe them. For example, she/her/hers and he/him/his are used as feminine or masculine pronouns. Some are used regardless of gender. The most common gender-neutral pronoun types are they/them/theirs. More than one pronoun is used in sentence usage in English. The meaning of speech is reinforced by applying transitions between these pronouns. Proper use of neopronouns in English is important to avoid ambiguity in sentences. Therefore, it is necessary to use neopronouns properly and in the right places in sentences.

Neopronouns she,” “he,” or “they” is used to specifically denote a person. Examples are: xe/xem/xyr, ze/hir/hirs, and ey/em/eir. Neopronouns can be used by anyone. But it is often used by people who are not single-sex and transsexual.

Use of Neopronouns

Subject Pronouns, Object Pronouns, Possessive Adjectives, Possessive Pronouns, Reflexive Pronouns are used to show usage with neopronouns.

These usages can be exemplified by “they”. Examples of such uses are as follows:

  • Subject Pronouns: They catches, Ne caught, Ve watched, Ey caught, Ze watched, Xe caught.
  • Object Pronouns: I caught them, I watched nem, I watched ver, I watched em, I caught hir, I watched zir, I watched xem.
  • Possessive Adjectives: Their eyes beautiful, Nir eyes beautiful, Vis eyes beautiful, Eir eyes beautiful, Hir eyes beautiful, Zir eyes beautiful, Xyr eyes beautiful.
  • Possessive Pronouns: That is theirs, That is nirs, That is vis, That is eirs, That is hirs, That is zirs, That is xyrs
  • Reflexive Pronouns: They love themselves, Ne loves nemself, Ve loves verself, Ey loves emself, Ze loves hirself, Ze loves zirself, Xe loves xemself

The examples you see have the most common use as neopronouns. Although the use of these pronouns seems rather complicated, it varies according to the use in a sentence. Although these uses are not very visible, you can ask the other person to understand their use in a sentence when you encounter them. In this way, you can learn the correct use of sentences and understand how to pronounce them.

You can become familiar with the use of these pronouns in sentences by practicing neopronouns. You can review the examples to ensure the most correct use. When using neopronouns in grammar in English, you should not forget to pay attention to their meanings and usage. Neopronouns are very important to avoid confusion in the sentence.

Complete your practice and learn important neopronouns completely.