20 Phrasal Verbs List in English

20 Phrasal Verbs List in English

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Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs may seem difficult to understand at first, but after reading this article, we are sure that you will change your mind. As the name suggests, a phrase consisting of more than one verb or preposition or adverbs is called a phrasal verb.

It will be more useful to try to understand the subject as a whole, rather than trying to understand by separating the words one by one. One of the easiest ways to learn phrasal verbs is to take a look at the phrasal verbs that we come across frequently and examine how they are used in sentences. Let’s see together:

Common Phrasal Verbs

Before moving on to the examples, let’s start with a small formula:

Phrasal verbs= verb + preposition/adverb

call around

By definition, it means contact with many people.

*I called around a repairman to fix the tap last week.

call off

To cancel something.

*She called off the gathering due to health problems.

check out

Gives a statement of confirmation of an event or person. It also has a flirty meaning.

*Let me check out the ingredients.

*He got jealous because his girlfriend checks some other guy out.

clean up

To clean a zone.

*My boss told me that I have to clean the toilet up before I leave.

dive into

Engaging oneself in an activity. It can be used with meanings such as spending time, doing something.

*What my plans for tonight are crying and dive into the Netflix series.

Here are +352 Phrasal Verbs List

  1. make for
  2. take up
  3. back sth up
  4. go after sth
  5. write up
  6. above all
  7. drop back
  8. come down with
  9. bring sth up
  10. take to
  11. try sth out
  12. make out
  13. put out
  14. hand sth down
  15. cheer up
  16. bring so. down
  17. come up
  18. stand up for
  19. get along/on
  20. turn sth on