English Common Phrasal Verbs List, Definitions and Example Sentences

English Common Phrasal Verbs List, Definitions and Example Sentences

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs may seem difficult to understand at first, but after reading this article, we are sure that you will change your mind. As the name suggests, a phrase consisting of more than one verb or preposition or adverbs is called a phrasal verb.

It will be more useful to try to understand the subject as a whole, rather than trying to understand by separating the words one by one. One of the easiest ways to learn phrasal verbs is to take a look at the phrasal verbs that we come across frequently and examine how they are used in sentences. Let’s see together:

Common Phrasal Verbs

Before moving on to the examples, let’s start with a small formula:

Phrasal verbs= verb + preposition/adverb

call around

By definition, it means contact with many people.

*I called around a repairman to fix the tap last week.

call off

To cancel something.

*She called off the gathering due to health problems.

check out

Gives a statement of confirmation of an event or person. It also has a flirty meaning.

*Let me check out the ingredients.

*He got jealous because his girlfriend checks some other guy out.

clean up

To clean a zone.

*My boss told me that I have to clean the toilet up before I leave.

dive into

Engaging oneself in an activity. It can be used with meanings such as spending time, doing something.

*What my plans for tonight are crying and dive into the Netflix series.

dress up

To wear nice clothes.

*I dressed up for myself, not for a man.

end up

To find oneself in a situation.

*If he continues to behave like this, he will end up as a lonely guy.

fill up

It means to fill something completely, it is usually used for drinks and gas.

*She filled her wine glass up aggressively.

find out

Reaching a solution, to discover something.

*She eventually finds out that she was cheated.

get back

It means to have something back.

*I finally got my book back from Larissa.

get away with

To escape punishment or consequences, cut the gordian knot.

*You might be got away with everything you have done, but I will prove them one by one.

get along

Establish a better friendly relationship.

*You both seem to get along with each other.

200 Common Phrasal Verbs List

1. make for

2. take up

3. back sth up

4. go after sth

5. write up

6. above all

7. drop back

8. come down with

9. bring sth up

10. take to

11. try sth out

12. make out

13. put out

14. hand sth down

15. cheer up

16. bring so. down

17. come up

18. stand up for

19. get along – on

20. turn sth on

21. come across sth

22. point out

23. take on

24. go for

25. get at

26. go over

27. deal with

28. look up to so.

29. be taken in

30. take sth out

31. do sth over

32. let so. down

33. cross out

34. break sth in

35. show off

36. go out with so.

37. get back into sth

38. cut down

39. do away with

40. keep back

41. get over sth

42. take after so.

43. talk over

44. go ahead

45. wake up

46. stop over

47. knock out

48. pass away

49. pull over

50. stick with

51. go on

52. turn up

53. keep away

54. get around

55. put through

56. put sth out

57. come up against

58. end up

59. give in

60. come down

61. clear away

62. fill sth up

63. catch on

64. care for

65. get out of

66. check out

67. look at

68. stick to

69. stick to sth

70. come off

71. pull out

72. take so. out

73. look out

74. clear up

75. make into

76. call sth off

77. run out

78. set so. up

79. take down

80. fit in (with)

81. pass around

82. go against so.

83. take sth back

84. hang on

85. drop in – by – over

86. make up for

87. run out (of)

88. live for

89. make so. up

90. give sth back

91. get together

92. hand sth out

93. back so. up

94. hand over

95. wear out

96. send sth back

97. try sth on

98. get across

99. take away

100. take after

101. keep off

102. catch up

103. put sth off

104. grow into sth

105. take off

106. lock in

107. look sth up

108. be carried away

109. get over

110. fill sth in

111. pass sth up

112. act on

113. warm up

114. run away

115. break out in sth

116. knock over

117. give sth away

118. hold back

119. knock down

120. set up

121. fall apart

122. lock out

123. think sth over

124. pass sth out

125. get round to

126. add up to sth

127. go over sth

128. cross sth out

129. rub out

130. hand sth in

131. turn out

132. break through

133. check in

134. check on

135. ask around

136. see off

137. look into

138. grow up

139. fall through

140. think over

141. go out

142. burst out

143. calm down

144. fill sth out

145. switch sth off

146. stay up

147. turn sth off

148. come apart

149. set back

150. break out

151. stick together

152. take sth off

153. put on

154. keep up with

155. take in

156. go without sth

157. stay on

158. put up with

159. break up

160. throw sth away

161. live with

162. abide by

163. make sth up

164. set off

165. carry on

166. let down

167. let out

168. do up

169. grow out of sth

170. look sth over

171. do without

172. call on so.

173. put up

174. stay away from

175. come round

176. get on sth

177. do sth up

178. throw out

179. get sth back

180. switch sth on

181. give sth out

182. cheer so. up

183. burst in

184. eat out

185. hang in

186. stand back

187. hand sth over

188. hang up

189. pay so. back

190. look through

191. ache for

192. break sth down

193. stick out

194. try out

195. turn back

196. get on with

197. go by

198. run on

199. break into sth

200. hang out