Common Plant Words From A to Z, Definition and Examples

Common Plant Words From A to Z, Definition and Examples

Plant Words

Plants undoubtedly have a great place in our lives because they provide us with the most necessary thing for our life, namely oxygen. If you are interested in plants and their lives, let’s look at the words related to plants together:

Common Plant Words

Read on for many more plant-related words.

Plant Words Starting With A

  • Acorn: A type of tree
  • Agriculture: Practice of farming
  • Alfalfa: A plant native to Asia with bluish flowers.
  • Alternate leaves
  • Angiosperm: A herbaceous type of plant with flowers.
  • Annual: The name given to plants that live one year.
  • Anther: A part of a plant that contains pollen.
  • Autotroph: An organism that can form nutritional organic substances from simple substances such as carbon dioxide.

Plant Words Starting With B

  • Bamboo: A tropical tree
  • Bark: The protective outer sheath of the trunk and branches of a tree.
  • Bean: The plant that grows beans.
  • Berry: The plant that grows berry.
  • Biennial: A kind of tree that lasting for two years.
  • Blossom: A flower or a mass of flowers.
  • Botany: General name of botanical science.
  • Branch: A piece of wood from the trunk of a tree.
  • Bromeliad: A tropical plant that grows in the Americas.
  • Bud: bud, burgeon.
  • Bush

Plant Words Starting With C

  • Cactus: Type of plant with thorns that does not like water.
  • Calyx: Protective layer around the flower.
  • Canopy: Shade area formed by trees.
  • Carpe: Fruit leaf.
  • Clover: Herbaceous plant of the pea family.

Plant Words Starting With D

  • Deciduous: An annual deciduous plant.
  • Dicot

Plant Words Starting With E

  • Emergent: An emergent tree.
  • Endosperm: The part of the plant that serves as a nutrient store.

Plant Words Starting With F

  • Flora: Habitat, endemic.
  • Flower
  • Foliage: Greens, leafage

Plant Words Starting With G

  • Garden: A small piece of ground used to grow plants.
  • Germinate: The name given to a seed coming out of its dormant period and starting to grow.
  • Ginkgo: A kind of Chinese tree.

Plant Words Starting With H

  • Hardy: It is used for strong and durable trees.
  • Hastate: Name given to triangular leaves.
  • Herb: Any plant with leaves.

Plant Words Starting With I

  • Inflorescence: Flowering of plants.
  • Ivy: Eurasian climbing plant.

Plant Words Starting With J

  • Jungle: Woodland

Plant Words Starting With K

  • Kelp: Underwater forest, underwater habitat
  • Kudzu: Fast growing climbing plant native to Asia.

Plant Words Starting With L

  • Leaf
  • Lily: A type of flower.
  • Lamina: Leaf.

Plant Words Starting With M

  • Monocotyledon: Monocotyledonous plant.
  • Meristem: Tissue of the plant consisting of actively dividing cells and forming new tissue.
  • Midrib: The name that given to the midrib.