100 examples of prepositional phrase

100 examples of prepositional phrase

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Prepositions are one of the most used grammar subjects in English and in any other given language. You can and will encounter it in everyday speaking, language exams, and in so many more content. It is important to have a good understanding of prepositions to know the language better. It is not a hard subject, and you can understand it with the information given here. Let’s see the important prepositions and examples.

Here are +350 Prepositional Phrases List in English

1.without doubt

2.without a break

3.to the best of

4.to the detriment of

5.out of breath

6.out of context

7.to the exclusion of

8.under construction

9.at a low ebb

10.at a moment’s notice

11.at a price

12.under treatment

13.under discussion

14.on tiptoe

15.on trial

16.at a rate of

17.for a good cause

18.for the benefit (of)

19.for a reason

20.for the good of

21.for the sake of

22.for want of

23.in confinement

24.in confusion

25.at face value

26.at fault

27.for a change

28.without a hitch

29.without delay

30.by accident

31.by air

32.by sea

33.for certain

34.for fear of

35.for good

36.on the verge of

37.on the way to

38.on time

39.on vacation

40.at a speed of

41.at a standstill

42.under cover of

43.under regulations

44.under repair

45.out of work

46.to date

47.to excess

48.to one’s astonishment

49.to one’s credit

50.to one’s dismay

51.to sb’s face

52.under one’s protection

53.under orders

54.under pressure

55.by order of

56.by process of

57.in error

58.in essence

59.in excess of

60.in exchange for

61.by the name of

62.by luck

63.by land

64.in existence

65.by profession

66.by definition

67.by degrees

68.on sale

69.on second thoughts

70.on show

71.under the circumstances

72.under age

73.under arrest

74.under consideration

75.under construction

76.on strike

77.on suspicion of

78.on the agenda

79.in comparison with

80.in compensation for

81.in conclusion

82.without precedent

83.without question

84.without respite

85.out of control

86.out of curiosity

87.under lock and key

88.without warning

89.in confidence

90.for hire

91.for lack of

92.for life

93.for love

94.for my

95.for real

96.at full strength

97.at hand

98.at heart

99.at home

100.under regulations