Prepositions: List the Prepositions and Example Sentences

Prepositions: List the Prepositions and Example Sentences


Prepositions are one of the most used grammar subjects in English and in any other given language. You can and will encounter it in everyday speaking, language exams, and in so many more content. It is important to have a good understanding of prepositions to know the language better. It is not a hard subject, and you can understand it with the information given here. Let’s see the important prepositions and examples.


In is used when you are talking about something inside something (can be a place, belonging, etc.), and when you are talking about time.

  • I left my purse in the restaurant.
  • I put the pickles in the fridge.
  • I left the house in the morning.
  • I will call you back in one hour.


On is used when you are talking about something above something physically (it can be a place, a street, or a belonging), and days of the week.

  • I put my keys on the table.
  • Can you check if my book is on the counter?
  • I always go there on Tuesdays.


At is used before hours, when you are mentioning noon or night, locations, and specific holidays such as Christmas.

  • I study in a college at Hollywood boulevard.
  • I will come to get you at 9 PM.
  • Can you come to lunch with me at noon?
  • He always visits at Christmas.


To is used to define directions.

  • I will go to Canada next month.
  • Can you drive me to the coffee shop?


For is used to describe a duration or as a conjunction.

  • I bought these flowers for you.
  • We are waiting for two hours.


Of is used to describe a belonging and as a measurement preposition.

  • This is the collar of my cat.
  • Why did you take the money of my mother?
  • Can I have two cups of flour?


By is one of the most used prepositions and has many meanings depending on context. It can be used to describe a specific time period, when you need to describe a means of transportation, and when you are describing a place near somewhere.

  • I need those documents by next week.
  • You can get here by metro easily.
  • I want a house by the sea.


Without is used when you are describing the absence of something.

  • It will feel so empty without me.
  • How will you do your homework without a pencil?

100 Preposition List

1. behind

2. as

3. away

4. about

5. through

6. ago

7. outside

8. across

9. according to

10. toward

11. in to

12. out from

13. till

14. inside

15. in lieu of

16. on

17. of

18. up

19. beyond

20. from

21. off

22. despite

23. via

24. with

25. hence

26. on account of

27. opposite

28. per

29. beneath

30. aside

31. amongst

32. under

33. after

34. than

35. in case of

36. times

37. owing to

38. along

39. by

40. on behalf of

41. between

42. upon

43. barring

44. worth

45. in spite of

46. following

47. circa

48. besides

49. at

50. unlike

51. for

52. due to

53. amidst

54. past

55. ahead of

56. below

57. prior to

58. with a view to

59. over

60. round

61. minus

62. in place of

63. onto

64. above

65. down

66. by means of

67. out of

68. close to

69. away from

70. excluding

71. in

72. concerning

73. into

74. but

75. except for

76. near

77. abroad

78. underneath

79. as well as

80. beside

81. as far as

82. next

83. in addition to

84. in front of

85. next to

86. until

87. throughout

88. in accordance with

89. except

90. to

91. on to

92. out

93. without

94. like

95. unto

96. apart

97. before

98. during

99. instead of

100. since