20 examples of proper nouns

20 examples of proper nouns

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Proper Nouns

Here you can find information and examples of proper nouns in English. In English, every noun is either a common noun or a proper noun. Proper nouns are the name for specific names. Those names are not generic, and they belong to only one person, building, or place. You need to be careful about proper nouns since their first letter should always be capitalized, no matter where they take place in a sentence. Let’s see a general example of proper nouns and common nouns.

Street –  street is a common noun and should be written in lowercase letters if it is not the first word of a sentence.

Wall Street – Wall Street is the name of one street in New York, and it is a proper noun. It should always have the first letter capitalized no matter where it takes place in the sentence.

1. Romania

2. Amakusa-nada

3. Azerbaijan

4. Alboran Sea

5. Caspian Sea

6. Havana

7. Windhoek

8. Qatar

9. Ouagadougou

10. Wayne Rooney

11. Mount Everest

12. The President

13. Juan Aguilera

14. Usain Bolt

15. Greenland Sea

16. Lough Corrib

17. Malabo

18. Eastern Mediterranean

19. North Macedonia

20. Tripoli