Reflexive Pronouns List and Examples Sentences

Reflexive Pronouns List and Examples Sentences

What is Sentence?

Making sentences is the main aid of communication. Sentences indicate previous events or situations, continuous events and situations, instantaneous events and situations, and future events and situations. Sentences that are part of daily life contain subject and predicate. In addition, sentence elements such as an adjective, indirect compliment, and adverb can also be included. Different from this situation, sentences are named in 4 different ways in English. The names of this distinction are made as to the declarative sentence (statement), interrogative sentence (question), imperative sentence (command), exclamative sentence (exclamation).


Pronouns are one of the most commonly used sentence building blocks in English. You need to have a good understanding of pronouns if you want to speak English like a native. If your native language’s sentence structure is very different from English, you might struggle with pronouns at the beginning. But they are not difficult to learn, and you can learn them too. Let’s see the pronouns and their examples.

Reflexive Pronouns List

Reflexive pronouns are used to strengthen the meaning of the sentence. Using a reflexive pronoun means that both subjective and the person influencing from it are the same person.

  • Myself
  • Yourself
  • Himself
  • Herself
  • Itself
  • Ourselves
  • Yourselves
  • Themselves

Examples Sentences

  • I was talking to myself five minutes ago.
  • She repaired all the cars herself.
  • My son did his homework himself.
  • I will get myself a coffee.
  • You should take care of yourself.
  • He will take it himself.
  • The dog cannot walk itself.
  • She does not think of anyone other than herself.
  • We should not ruin ourselves.
  • They are doing this for themselves.