What is Regular Verb? List and Example Sentences

What is Regular Verb? List and Example Sentences

Regular Verbs

Here you can find a list of regular verbs in English and some example sentences with them. As in every other language, English has its rules and irregularities as well. Verbs are one of the most important components in English. A verb in English can be used in the present tense, in the past tense, and in the past participle. But the thing is, the verb needs to change a little bit in those other tenses and participles. The rule for it is adding -ed at the end of the word (if there is already an e at the end of the word, you can just add -d). Here are the verb examples that fit this rule:


Allow – allowed – allowed

  • I don’t allow my kids to do that.
  • My sister allowed me to buy this.
  • I was allowed to do this.


Bake- baked- baked

  • Let’s bake something tonight.
  • What is the thing that mom baked yesterday?
  • Do you have any baked rice?


Disagree -disagreed -disagreed

  • You have all the rights to disagree.
  • My teacher disagreed with me.
  • I do not want a disagreed subject brought to me.


Act – acted – acted

  • Of course, he will act like the victim.
  • I was not a fan of the way you acted yesterday.


Hunt – hunted – hunted

  • Why humans hunt?
  • They went out and hunted all day yesterday.
  • What can you do with a hunted bird?


Call – called – called

  • Can you call your mom for me?
  • Who called you the other day?
  • This is the story of a girl called Elizabeth.


Open – opened – opened

  • Open the door – I am here.
  • Who opened the door for me?
  • I will use this opened can of food if you don’t mind.


Dance – danced – danced

  • I don’t usually dance.
  • he danced so much yesterday
  • Trust me; I have danced enough to have all this experience.


Cook – cooked – cooked

  • Do you love to cook?
  • Who cooked all of this?
  • I need a freshly cooked meal right now.


Play – played – played

  • Kids just want to play.
  • Who played with Jim the other day?
  • I do not want to have your played toys.


Fix -fixed – fixed

You can fix what you did as soon as possible.

I fixed it earlier today.

What is the fixed price for this product?


Paint – painted -painted

  • Go and paint some paper.
  • I painted so many books yesterday.
  • I do not want this painted t-shirt.

100 Regular Vers List

Accept Blind Detect
Add Bow Develop
Admire Box Disarm
Admit Bruise Discover
Advise Bump Drain
Afford Bury Dream
Agree Calculate Drip
Alert Call Dry
Allow Cause Earn
Amuse Challenge Empty
Announce Change End
Annoy Chew Enjoy
Answer Clap Escape
Argue Clip Examine
Arrive Collect Excite
Ask Concern Exist
Attach Copy Expect
Attend Cure Explain
Avoid Cycle Face
Back Damage Fasten
Bake Delay Fence
Ban Delight File
Beg Deliver Flood
Flow Join Mourn
Fool Joke Move
Force Jump Name
Fry Kick Need
Gather Kill Nod
Gaze Kiss Note
Grab Knit Notice
Grin Knot Number
Guide Label Obey
Hammer Last Occur
Hand Laugh Offer
Happen Learn Open
Harm Lie Order
Hover Like Overflow
Hug Load Owe
Hunt Love Paint
Identify Man Part
Impress Manage Pass
Include Mate Paste
Intend Matter Phone
Invite Melt Place
Itch Mix Play
Jail Mug Polish
Press Roll Trouble
Pretend Sack Tug
Present Scare Trust
Press Sign Try
Protect Signal Turn
Pull Sin Type
Push Soothe Vanish
Question Sound Wail
Race Spark Wander
Rain Spill Want
Reach Spoil Wash
Realise Stop Waste
Record Stuff Water
Refuse Suffer Weight
Reject Suggest Whine
Relax Suspect Whisper
Remain Talk Wink
Remind Tap Wonder
Remove Terrify Wrap
Report Thank Yawn
Retire Trace Yell
Return Train Zip
Risk Trap Zoom