10 Science Words List, Science Vocabulary

10 Science Words List, Science Vocabulary

Science is a working field about discovering and fully describing subject matter by observing and experimenting with the surrounding world. Branches such as biology, chemistry, and physics are branches of science. There are many words related to science. Knowing the science-related words in English is of great importance. Because the importance given to science in daily life is very high. Therefore, words related to science are frequently used in English sentences in daily life.

The most popular words related to science are as follows and can be exemplified in a sentence:

  • Astronomy: He learned a lot of information about the planets through astronomy.
  • Biology: They learned the structure of plants in the biology course. In this way, they could easily identify the plants.
  • Cell: Every human body is made up of cells.
  • Chemistry: We learned the structure and functions of matter in chemistry class.
  • Experiment: With experiments on guinea pigs in biology, the subjects were understood much better.
  • Genetics: They were obtaining GMO products by modifying the genetics of foods.
  • Laboratory: Experiments were carried out easily thanks to the materials in the laboratory.
  • Magnetism: Magnetism created by a magnetic field is a physical phenomenon.
  • Scientist: Scientists carry out many studies to get rid of diseases.

216 Science Words List, Science Vocabulary

  1. ionosphere
  2. nova
  3. inferior planets
  4. paleontology
  5. electricity
  6. moon
  7. gibbous moon
  8. laws
  9. ichthyology
  10. transneptunian