Sentences with Therefore, In a sentence Therefore

Sentences with Therefore, In a sentence Therefore

Word; Therefore

Meaning; for this reason, that’s why, accordingly

Example sentences with Therefore;

  • I was born in the USA, therefore I cannot adapt very easily to hot countries.
  • Therefore, he wanted to draw attention to the report of the state about the invisible members of the assembly.
  • I studied for long hours at night, therefore I got very high marks from the final exams.
  • Tomas fell ill suddenly and therefore his family gave up on going out of town.

Synonym for Therefore

  • for this reason
  • that’s why
  • accordingly
  • consequently
  • herewith
  • thence
  • thereof
  • hence
  • hereby
  • on account of this
  • for that reason

What is Sentence?

Making sentences is the main aid of communication. Sentences indicate previous events or situations, continuous events and situations, instantaneous events and situations, and future events and situations. Sentences that are part of daily life contain subject and predicate. In addition, sentence elements such as an adjective, indirect compliment, and adverb can also be included. Different from this situation, sentences are named in 4 different ways in English. The names of this distinction are made as to the declarative sentence (statement), interrogative sentence (question), imperative sentence (command), exclamative sentence (exclamation).