10 Simple Sentences Examples

10 Simple Sentences Examples

Simple Sentences

Simple sentences can contain only one sentence, as well as sentences containing a subject and a verb. Simple sentences can be short. In this type of sentence, which usually consists of subject, verb, and object, the thought is expressed clearly. In addition, simple sentences can be formed by only the verb and the subject. Examples of sentences are:

  • Emily ate her school lunch.
  • Emily and Jack ate.

Both these sentences are examples of simple sentences. However, adding an object to the sentence enabled the idea to be expressed more clearly. Simple sentences can be far from simple in some situations. The situation that causes this is the use of modifiers, compound subjects, and compound predicates in simple sentences. When such uses are used correctly, there will be no misunderstanding when speaking or writing English.

Using Correct Modifiers in Simple Sentences

Modifiers are used to create clearer and more understandable meaning in simple sentences. It is usually added to the sentence as words and phrases. These create different changes in simple sentences. Examples of this situation are:

  • Emily ate her school lunch.
  • Adjective Modifier: Hungry Emily ate large school lunch.
  • Adverb Changer: Hungry Emily quickly ate large school lunch.

1. You are very kind.

2. You mustn’t come earlier tomorrow.

3. He loves to play basketball.

4. You should not go take it from him.

5. Everyone loves her.

6. I don’t love dogs.

7. Samuel doesn’t play soccer.

8. I don’t want to marry her.

9. Your car is more expensive than ours.

10. I want to be a computer engineer.