90 Exclamatory Sentences Examples

90 Exclamatory Sentences Examples

Exclamatory Sentences

Exclamation sentences are used to express strong emotions. At the end of the sentences, the ‘!’ sign is placed. Sentences using exclamation marks have strong expressions and emotions. They have a stronger structure than declarative sentences. They are used to express people’s excitement, anger, anxiety, happiness. It is frequently featured in daily conversations, informal articles, newspapers, and magazines. It is important to use it in the correct place in sentences formed in English. Therefore, attention should be paid to its use.

Examples of Exclamation Clauses

Exclamation marks are used to provide emphasis in sentences and to reflect the emotion desired to be expressed. Therefore, it is in many categories in terms of use. These categories are as follows:

Exclamations Used to Express Strong Emotions:

  • Happy birthday, mommy!
  • Thanks, boss!
  • I hate you!
  • Ice cream waffles are my favorite!
  • Wow, I like you!
  • Great, let’s go to the movies!

As can be seen in the last examples, exclamations appear strongly on their own. Therefore, these sentences can be supported by the use of commas.

Exclamation Clauses with ”what”:

  • What a beautiful daisy!
  • What a cute squirrel cub!
  • What an ugly duck!
  • What a happy ending!

Exclamation Clauses that Start with “How”

  • How much my flowers grew in the sunlight!
  • What beautiful music he listens to!
  • How slow they speak!
  • How fast did you speak!

90 Exclamatory Sentences Examples

1. High voltage! Do not touch!

2. How beautiful this city is!

3. He is such a kind person!

4. But don’t forget what I said!

5. You are such a liar!

6. What a cute squirrel cub!

7. What an idea!

8. Hurray, we won the match!

9. What a wonderful gift!

10. What a bad man he is!

11. I’m so angry right now!

12. What a rude girl she is!

13. How much my flowers grew in the sunlight!

14. What a colourful bird it is!

15. You did a great job!

16. Emily’s car was so amazing!

17. How fast did you speak!

18. I have a great idea!

19. I love you!

20. I did it!

21. Wait, that bridge is rotten!

22. Stay there, don’t come here!

23. What a cute child!

24. Let the stone fall on me!

25. I’m so mad at her!

26. Please, help me now!

27. Off, what does this kid eat and drink there?

28. Your kitten is such a sweetie!

29. Egh, this cake is so ugly!

30. Wow, he doesn’t know much!

31. I saw my favorite movie!

32. I hate you!

33. We won!

34. Excellent!

35. This is such an amazing meal!

36. What a good dog!

37. Here he comes!

38. Hey!

39. Come here Ella, quick!

40. Caution, the soil may slip!

41. What a shame!

42. Oh, my God, would you stop by here!

43. Ooo, are you here!

44. Oh, I was going to be there now!

45. Wow, I like you!

46. How interesting he is!

47. That birthday girl was so beautiful!

48. Oh No! He is not coming to the party!

49. Sara, wipe the board!

50. There is a snake in the backyard!

51. Beware!

52. Well, enough!

53. This is Sparta!

54. What beautiful roses!

55. Ice cream waffles are my favorite!

56. Hop, this is private property; You can not!

57. Wow, you didn’t win the exam!

58. Congratulations!

59. Don’t talk, get out!

60. What a beautiful day!

61. What an ugly duck!

62. Great, let’s go to the movies!

63. Hah, okay, now it’s beautiful!

64. Ouch! its hurting.

65. Alas, it will rain again!

66. Don’t do that!

67. Hello! Listen!

68. How clever you are!

69. Wow ! the puppy is so cute.

70. Hey, no smoking in here!

71. Thanks, boss!

72. What a beautiful daisy!

73. What a coincidence this is!

74. God, I’m in heaven!

75. What a beautiful girl she is!

76. How sweet a dog it is!

77. What big eyes you have grandma!

78. Like you’re a big person!

79. Happy birthday, mommy!

80. I am not taking it!

81. I am angry!

82. Woe, I missed the service!

83. What a happy ending!

84. How slow they speak!

85. What a cute cat!

86. No more, give up!

87. What beautiful music he listens to!

88. What a beautiful morning this is!

89. I hate you!

90. This is a great car!