30 Sport Words, Sport Vocabulary List

30 Sport Words, Sport Vocabulary List

Sports are games that are played individually or as a team, based on competition, for fun and to spend productive time, according to predetermined rules. Sports are very important for the improvement of mental activity and physical conditions. Sport adds the following effects to life:

  • It contributes to the physical development of children.
  • It enables the acquisition of good habits for a healthy life.
  • It provides the benefit of posture habit and smooth movement.
  • It expands the imagination as people’s mental activities.

Knowing the names of sports in English is essential to understand their function. Today, there are many popular sports branches. The most preferred of these sports branches are:

  • Basketball, archery, tennis, volleyball, baseball, badminton, pilates, football, yoga, swimming, boxing, skiing, golf, bowling, hiking, surfing, ice hockey, etc.

328 Sport Words, Sport Vocabulary List

  1. wrestling
  2. cycle
  3. inline skates
  4. out
  5. surfing
  6. jet skiing
  7. high jump
  8. row
  9. unicyclist
  10. squash
  11. tennis
  12. relay
  13. golfer
  14. cleats
  15. gold medal
  1. cricket
  2. 17. snowboarding
  3. dive
  4. goalie
  5. bungee jumping
  6. toboggan
  7. gym
  8. bat
  9. mat
  10. halftime
  11. scoreboard
  12. stadium
  13. jai-alai
  14. silver medal
  15. hockey