20 Present Perfect Tense Example Sentences

20 Present Perfect Tense Example Sentences

Present Perfect Tense

The Present Perfect Tense, which is structurally different among English grammar topics, is a subject that explains the special tense form in the English language. It is about the fact that an event or situation has occurred recently and the effects of the event or situation that occurred have continued until now. Although the event or situation happened in the recent past, there is no clear time expression, so this detail is not important in the Present Perfect Tense form.

To better understand the Present Perfect Tense form, it is of great importance to examine the sentence structure. For the Present Perfect Tense sentence, “have” and “has” are used as auxiliary verbs and the verb is in the third structure.

  • The I-You-We-They subjects are immediately followed by “have” followed by the verb in the third structure.
  • She-He-It subjects are immediately followed by “has” followed by the verb in the third structure.

Examples of Present Perfect Tense

This tense form can be reinforced by examining the following sentence structures.

  • I have painted the outside of the house. (The house is still painted.)
  • He has gone on vacation. (Still on vacation.)

20 Present Perfect Tense Sentences

1. Please wait, I have written the report.

2. Samuel has not come yet.

3. She has found her lost keys.

4. They have bought the notebook.

5. I have already made several calls.

6. The thieves have looted the house.

7. He has never eaten chicken.

8. It hasn’t rained so far.

9. Her mother has lived there since 2001.

10. They have had the same experience!

11. We have constructed a bridge.

12. My mother has not washed the dishes.

13. I have already written the report.

14. The officer has not typed the letter yet.

15. Mary has washed her car.

16. Have you packed your bag yet?

17. I have never been to USA.

18. Samuel hasn’t called for eight months.

19. Have you finished reading the newspaper yet?

20. I have never seen a famous person.