30 Time Words, Time Vocabulary List

30 Time Words, Time Vocabulary List

Time words are preferred in English in daily life. The correct use of time words with verbs is very important. It should be used correctly so that there is no ambiguity in the sentences. In addition, care should be taken to use it properly to accurately convey what is meant to be said in the sentence. We share time words and examples used in daily conversations.

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Time According to Tenses

Present tense: Every day, month, week, year, always, sometimes, never, frequently, etc.

  • Emily studies regularly for her classes every day.
  • She never missed her lessons. That’s why she was so successful.
  • I sometimes go to America. Because my workplace is there.
  • She regularly visits her grandmother every week.

Simple past: Yesterday, years, weeks, months, days, hours ago; in (last year); last (month, week, year), etc.

  • He left work yesterday. Because he was having a hard time at work.
  • He left town 3 weeks ago. He wouldn’t be back anymore.
  • He was very happy with the news he received last week. But this happiness was short-lived.
  • He hadn’t been able to fix things last year. But now he is very happy in her new job.

Here are 206 Time Words, Time Vocabulary List

1. galactic year

2. timekeeper

3. dial

4. while

5. delayed

6. hourglass

7. pocket watch

8. day

9. quartz clock

10. late

11. hour

12. stopwatch

13. international date line

14. during week

15. jiffy

16. month

17. at last

18. future

19. century

20. tardy

21. during afternoon

22. midnight

23. triennium

24. clock face

25. every time

26. winter

27. trimester

28. on time

29. time

30. quarter hour