20 Transport Names List in English

20 Transport Names List in English

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It is necessary to learn the words needed in daily life in English. You use vehicles in your daily life. So what does knowing the names of these means of transportation add to you? It will be very important for you to know the names of the vehicles you will use while going from one place to another. Especially in daily life, vehicles are frequently used. When using the names of these means of transportation, you may need to add various suffixes to these names. It is also very important to use the names of vehicles and the proper use of prepositions. For those who are new to English, the names of the means of transportation must be learned. In this way, correct explanations are made for the places to go and the desired destination is reached.

297 Transport Names List

Examples of Transport Vehicles

There are many uses of means of transportation in sentences. Examples of these uses are:

  • Ferry: They used the ferry to get to the island opposite the city by car.

A ferry is a means of transportation generally used to transport heavy goods. It is usually used with the preposition “on” in sentences.

  • Car: We decided that we could get to where we wanted to go faster by car. So we walk to get in the car.

In this sentence, the suffix “by” is used because you will not be driving the car. In this way, you can express yourself on behalf of transportation. If you want to be taken from one place to another by car, you can explain yourself by saying “drive me”.

  • Cycling: Riding a bicycle was one of the most fun activities for him. He always felt free.

Here are 20 Transport Names List

1. maglev

2. sailboat

3. motorcar

4. funicular railway

5. cargo ship

6. sedan

7. convertible

8. dump truck

9. compact car

10. sledge

11. delivery van

12. surrey

13. stagecoach

14. ice boat

15. bike

16. oar

17. conestoga wagon

18. garbage truck

19. limousine

20. earth mover