Chip Past Simple, Past Participle, V1 V2 V3 Form of Chip

Chip Past Simple, Past Participle, V1 V2 V3 Form of Chip

Verb; Chip

Meaning; prune

V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 Form of Chip

Base Form Past Form Past Participle
chip chipped chipped
Base Form s/es/ies ing Form
chip chips chipping

Here are 1000 V1 V2 v3 List in English;

V1 V2 V3
abash abashed abashed
abate abated abated
abide abode abode
absorb absorbed absorbed
accept accepted accepted
accompany accompanied accompanied
ache ached ached
achieve achieved achieved
acquire acquired acquired
act acted acted
add added added
address addressed addressed
adjust adjusted adjusted
admire admired admired
admit admitted admitted
advise advised advised
afford afforded afforded
agree agreed agreed
alight alit alit
allow allowed allowed
animate animated animated
announce announced announced
answer answered answered
apologize apologized apologized
appear appeared appeared
applaud applauded applauded
apply applied applied
approach approached approached
approve approved approved
argue argued argued
arise arose arisen
arrange arranged arranged
arrest arrested arrested
ask asked asked
assert asserted asserted
assort assorted assorted
astonish astonished astonished
attack attacked attacked
attend attended attended
attract attracted attracted
audit audited audited
avoid avoided avoided
awake awoke awoken
bang banged banged
banish banished banished
bash bashed bashed
bat batted batted
be (am,are) was / were been
bear bore born
bear bore borne
beat beat beaten
beautify beautified beautified
become became become
befall befell befallen
beg begged begged
begin began begun
behave behaved behaved
behold beheld beheld
believe believed believed
belong belonged belonged
bend bent bent
bereave bereft bereft
connect connected connected
connote connoted connoted
conquer conquered conquered
consecrate consecrated consecrated
consent consented consented
conserve conserved conserved
consider considered considered
consign consigned consigned
consist consisted consisted
console consoled consoled
consort consorted consorted
conspire conspired conspired
constitute constituted constituted
constrain constrained constrained
construct constructed constructed
construe construed construed
consult consulted consulted
contain contained contained
contemn contemned contemned
contend contended contended
contest contested contested
continue continued continued
contract contracted contracted
contradict contradicted contradicted
contrast contrasted contrasted
contribute contributed contributed
contrive contrived contrived
control controlled controlled
convene convened convened
converge converged converged
converse conversed conversed
convert converted converted
convey conveyed conveyed
convict convicted convicted
convince convinced convinced
eat ate eaten
educate educated educated
empower empowered empowered
empty emptied emptied
encircle encircled encircled
encourage encouraged encouraged
encroach encroached encroached
endanger endangered endangered
endorse endorsed endorsed
endure endured endured
engrave engraved engraved
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed
enlarge enlarged enlarged
enlighten enlightened enlightened
enter entered entered
envy envied envied
erase erased erased
escape escaped escaped
evaporate evaporated evaporated
exchange exchanged exchanged
exclaim exclaimed exclaimed
exclude excluded excluded
exist existed existed
expand expanded expanded
expect expected expected
explain explained explained
explore explored explored
express expressed expressed
extend extended extended
eye eyed eyed
face faced faced
fail failed failed
faint fainted fainted
fall fell fallen
fan fanned fanned
fancy fancied fancied
favour favoured favoured
fax faxed faxed
feed fed fed
feel felt felt
ferry ferried ferried
fetch fetched fetched
fight fought fought
fill filled filled
find found found
finish finished finished
fish fished fished
fit fit/fitted fit/fitted
fix fixed fixed
fizz fizzed fizzed
flap flapped flapped
flash flashed flashed
flee fled fled
fling flung flung
float floated floated
have had had
heal healed healed
hear heard heard
heave hove hove
help helped helped
hew hewed hewn
hide hid hidden
hinder hindered hindered
hiss hissed hissed
hit hit hit
hoax hoaxed hoaxed
hold held held
hop hopped hopped
hope hoped hoped
horrify horrified horrified
hug hugged hugged
hum hummed hummed
humiliate humiliated humiliated
hunt hunted hunted
hurl hurled hurled
hurry hurried hurried
hurt hurt hurt
hush hushed hushed
hustle hustled hustled
hypnotize hypnotized hypnotized
idealize idealized idealized
identify identified identified
idolize idolized idolized
ignite ignited ignited
ignore ignored ignored
ill-treat ill-treated ill-treated
illuminate illuminated illuminated
illumine illumined illumined
illustrate illustrated illustrated
imagine imagined imagined
imbibe imbibed imbibed
imitate imitated imitated
immerse immersed immersed
immolate immolated immolated
immure immured immured
impair impaired impaired
impart imparted imparted
impeach impeached impeached
impede impeded impeded
impel impelled impelled
impend impended impended
imperil imperilled imperilled
impinge impinged impinged
implant implanted implanted
implicate implicated implicated
implode imploded imploded
implore implored implored
imply implied implied
import imported imported
impose imposed imposed
impress impressed impressed
imprint imprinted imprinted
imprison imprisoned imprisoned
improve improved improved
inaugurate inaugurated inaugurated
incise incised incised
include included included
increase increased increased
inculcate inculcated inculcated
indent indented indented
indicate indicated indicated
induce induced induced
indulge indulged indulged
infect infected infected
infest infested infested
inflame inflamed inflamed
inflate inflated inflated
inflect inflected inflected
inform informed informed
infringe infringed infringed
infuse infused infused
ingest ingested ingested
inhabit inhabited inhabited
inhale inhaled inhaled
inherit inherited inherited
initiate initiated initiated
inject injected injected
injure injured injured
need needed needed
neglect neglected neglected
nip nipped nipped
nod nodded nodded
note noted noted
notice noticed noticed
notify notified notified
nourish nourished nourished
nurse nursed nursed
obey obeyed obeyed
oblige obliged obliged
observe observed observed
obstruct obstructed obstructed
obtain obtained obtained
occupy occupied occupied
occur occurred occurred
offer offered offered
offset offset offset
omit omitted omitted
ooze oozed oozed
open opened opened
operate operated operated
opine opined opined
oppress oppressed oppressed
opt opted opted
optimize optimized optimized
order ordered ordered
organize organized organized
originate originated originated
output output output
overflow overflowed overflowed
overtake overtook overtaken
owe owed owed
own owned owned
pacify pacified pacified
paint painted painted
pardon pardoned pardoned
part parted parted
partake partook partaken
participate participated participated
pass passed passed
paste pasted pasted
pat patted patted
patch patched patched
pause paused paused
pay paid paid
peep peeped peeped
perish perished perished
permit permitted permitted
persuade persuaded persuaded
phone phoned phoned
place placed placed
plan planned planned
play played played
plead pled pled
please pleased pleased
plod plodded plodded
plot plotted plotted
pluck plucked plucked
ply plied plied
point pointed pointed
polish polished polished
pollute polluted polluted
ponder pondered pondered
pour poured poured
pout pouted pouted
practise practised practised
praise praised praised
pray prayed prayed
preach preached preached
prefer preferred preferred
prepare prepared prepared
prescribe prescribed prescribed
present presented presented
preserve preserved preserved
preset preset preset
preside presided presided
press pressed pressed
pretend pretended pretended
prevent prevented prevented
print printed printed
proceed proceeded proceeded
produce produced produced
progress progressed progressed
prohibit prohibited prohibited
promise promised promised
propose proposed proposed
prosecute prosecuted prosecuted
protect protected protected
prove proved proved
provide provided provided
pull pulled pulled
punish punished punished
save saved saved
savor savored savored
savvy savvied savvied
saw sawed sawn
say said said
scab scabbed scabbed
scabble scabbled scabbled
scald scalded scalded
scale scaled scaled
scam scammed scammed
scan scanned scanned
scant scanted scanted
scar scarred scarred
scare scared scared
scarify scarified scarified
scarp scarped scarped
scat scatted scatted
scatter scattered scattered
scold scolded scolded
scorch scorched scorched
scowl scowled scowled
scrawl scrawled scrawled
scream screamed screamed
screw screwed screwed
scrub scrubbed scrubbed
search searched searched
seat seated seated
secure secured secured
see saw seen
seek sought sought
seem seemed seemed
seize seized seized
select selected selected
sell sold sold
send sent sent
sentence sentenced sentenced
separate separated separated
set set set
sever severed severed
sew sewed sewn
shake shook shaken
shape shaped shaped
share shared shared
shatter shattered shattered
shave shove shaven
shear shore shorn
shed shed shed
shine shone shone
shirk shirked shirked
shit shit shit
shiver shivered shivered
shock shocked shocked
shoe shod shod
shoot shot shot
shorten shortened shortened
shout shouted shouted
show showed shown
shrink shrank shrunk
shun shunned shunned
shut shut shut
sight sighted sighted
signal signalled signalled
signify signified signified
sing sang sung
sink sank sunk
sip sipped sipped
sit sat sat
ski skied skied
skid skidded skidded
slam slammed slammed
slay slew slain
sleep slept slept
slide slid slid/slide
slim slimmed slimmed
sling slung slung
slink slunk slunk
slip slipped slipped
state stated stated
stay stayed stayed
steal stole stolen
steep steeped steeped
stem stemmed stemmed
step stepped stepped
sterilize sterilized sterilized
stick stuck stuck
stimulate stimulated stimulated
sting stung stung
stink stank stunk
stir stirred stirred
stitch stitched stitched
stoop stooped stooped
stop stopped stopped
store stored stored
strain strained strained
stray strayed strayed
stress stressed stressed
stretch stretched stretched
strew strewed strewn
stride strode stridden
strike struck struck/stricken
string strung strung
strive strove striven
study studied studied
submit submitted submitted
subscribe subscribed subscribed
subtract subtracted subtracted
succeed succeeded succeeded
suck sucked sucked
suffer suffered suffered
suggest suggested suggested
summon summoned summoned
supply supplied supplied
support supported supported
suppose supposed supposed
surge surged surged
surmise surmised surmised
surpass surpassed surpassed
surround surrounded surrounded
survey surveyed surveyed
survive survived survived
swallow swallowed swallowed
sway swayed swayed
swear swore sworn
sweat sweat sweat
sweep swept swept
swell swelled swollen
swim swam swum
swing swung swung
swot swotted swotted
take took taken
talk talked talked
tap tapped tapped
taste tasted tasted
tax taxed taxed
teach taught taught
tear tore torn
tee teed teed
tell told told
tempt tempted tempted
tend tended tended
terminate terminated terminated
terrify terrified terrified
test tested tested
thank thanked thanked
think thought thought
thrive throve thriven
throw threw thrown
thrust thrust thrust
thump thumped thumped
tie tied tied
tire tired tired
toss tossed tossed
touch touched touched
train trained trained
trample trampled trampled
transfer transferred transferred
transform transformed transformed
translate translated translated
trap trapped trapped
travel travelled travelled
tread trod trodden
treasure treasured treasured
treat treated treated
tree treed treed
tremble trembled trembled
triumph triumphed triumphed
trust trusted trusted
try tried tried
turn turned turned
type typed typed
typeset typeset typeset
understand understood understood
undo undid undone
uproot uprooted uprooted
upset upset upset
urge urged urged
use used used
utter uttered uttered
value valued valued
vanish vanished vanished
vary varied varied
verify verified verified
vex vexed vexed
vie vied vied
view viewed viewed
violate violated violated
vomit vomited vomited
wake woke woken
walk walked walked
wander wandered wandered
want wanted wanted
warn warned warned
waste wasted wasted
watch watched watched
water watered watered
wave waved waved
wax waxed waxed
waylay waylaid waylaid
wear wore worn
weave wove woven
wed wed wed
weep wept wept
weigh weighed weighed
welcome welcomed welcomed
wend went went
wet wet wet
whip whipped whipped
whisper whispered whispered
win won won
wind wound wound
wish wished wished
withdraw withdrew withdrawn
work worked worked
worry worried worried
worship worshipped worshipped
wring wrung wrung
write wrote written
yawn yawned yawned
yell yelled yelled
yield yielded yielded
zinc zincked zincked
zoom zoomed zoomed