View Past Simple, Past Participle, V1 V2 V3 Form of View

View Past Simple, Past Participle, V1 V2 V3 Form of View

Verb; View

Meaning; observe, sight, consider, see into

V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 Form of View

Base Form Past Form Past Participle
view viewed viewed
Base Form s/es/ies ing Form
view views viewing

Synonym for View

  • see
  • observe
  • sight
  • consider
  • see into
  • look
  • look at
  • overlook
  • take a look at
  • watch
  • behold
  • contemplate
  • examine
  • investigate
  • study
  • analyze
  • peruse
  • cudgel one’s brains
  • give thought to
  • ponder on
  • ponder over
  • ponder upon

Here are 1000 V1 V2 v3 List in English;

V1 V2 V3
abash abashed abashed
abate abated abated
abide abode abode
absorb absorbed absorbed
accept accepted accepted
accompany accompanied accompanied
ache ached ached
achieve achieved achieved
acquire acquired acquired
act acted acted
add added added
address addressed addressed
adjust adjusted adjusted
admire admired admired
admit admitted admitted
advise advised advised
afford afforded afforded
agree agreed agreed
alight alit alit
allow allowed allowed
animate animated animated
announce announced announced
answer answered answered
apologize apologized apologized
appear appeared appeared
applaud applauded applauded
apply applied applied
approach approached approached
approve approved approved
argue argued argued
arise arose arisen
arrange arranged arranged
arrest arrested arrested
ask asked asked
assert asserted asserted
assort assorted assorted
astonish astonished astonished
attack attacked attacked
attend attended attended
attract attracted attracted
audit audited audited
avoid avoided avoided
awake awoke awoken
bang banged banged
banish banished banished
bear bore born
bear bore borne
beat beat beaten
beautify beautified beautified
become became become
befall befell befallen
beg begged begged
begin began begun
behave behaved behaved
belong belonged belonged
bend bent bent
bereave bereft bereft
eat ate eaten
educate educated educated
empower empowered empowered
empty emptied emptied
encircle encircled encircled
encourage encouraged encouraged
encroach encroached encroached
endanger endangered endangered
endorse endorsed endorsed
endure endured endured
engrave engraved engraved
enlighten enlightened enlightened
enter entered entered
envy envied envied
erase erased erased
escape escaped escaped
evaporate evaporated evaporated
exchange exchanged exchanged
exclaim exclaimed exclaimed
exclude excluded excluded
exist existed existed
expand expanded expanded
expect expected expected
extend extended extended
eye eyed eyed
face faced faced
fall fell fallen
fan fanned fanned
fancy fancied fancied
favour favoured favoured
fax faxed faxed
feed fed fed
feel felt felt
ferry ferried ferried
fetch fetched fetched
fight fought fought
fill filled filled
find found found
finish finished finished
fish fished fished
fit fit/fitted fit/fitted
fix fixed fixed
flash flashed flashed
flee fled fled
fling flung flung
float floated floated
save saved saved
savor savored savored
savvy savvied savvied
saw sawed sawn
say said said
scab scabbed scabbed
scabble scabbled scabbled
scald scalded scalded
scale scaled scaled
scam scammed scammed
scan scanned scanned
scant scanted scanted
scar scarred scarred
screw screwed screwed
scrub scrubbed scrubbed
search searched searched
see saw seen
seek sought sought
seem seemed seemed
seize seized seized
select selected selected
sell sold sold
send sent sent
sentence sentenced sentenced
separate separated separated
set set set
shirk shirked shirked
shit shit shit
shiver shivered shivered
shock shocked shocked
shoe shod shod
shoot shot shot
shorten shortened shortened
shout shouted shouted
show showed shown
shrink shrank shrunk
sit sat sat
ski skied skied
slay slew slain
sleep slept slept
slide slid slid/slide
slim slimmed slimmed
sling slung slung
slink slunk slunk
slip slipped slipped