10 Plant List, Plant Names List

10 Plant List, Plant Names List

Plants undoubtedly have a great place in our lives because they provide us with the most necessary thing for our life, namely oxygen.

  • Acorn: A type of tree
  • Agriculture: Practice of farming
  • Alfalfa: A plant native to Asia with bluish flowers.
  • Alternate leaves
  • Angiosperm: A herbaceous type of plant with flowers.
  • Annual: The name given to plants that live one year.
  • Anther: A part of a plant that contains pollen.
  • Autotroph: An organism that can form nutritional organic substances from simple substances such as carbon dioxide.
  • Bamboo: A tropical tree
  • Bark: The protective outer sheath of the trunk and branches of a tree.
  • Bean: The plant that grows beans.
  • Berry: The plant that grows berry.
  • Biennial: A kind of tree that lasting for two years.
  • Blossom: A flower or a mass of flowers.
  • Botany: General name of botanical science.
  • Branch: A piece of wood from the trunk of a tree.
  • Bromeliad: A tropical plant that grows in the Americas.

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