Most Common Water Words , Definitions and Examples

Most Common Water Words , Definitions and Examples

Water Words

Water is the main living fluid for all living things on earth. In addition to being home to many animals, water gives life to living things in many ways with its relaxing effect and beautiful appearance. Many water sources such as lakes, seas, oceans, streams, streams, and rivers are home to thousands of sea creatures. In addition, water, which ensures the continuity of agricultural activity, is indeed an indispensable element of life on Earth.

Most Common Water Words with Definitions

The most common words about water, which is our source of life, are as follows:

  • Absorbent: Things that absorb liquid easily.
  • Agricultural water use: As the name suggests, it is the name given to the waters used in agricultural activities.
  • Alum(Aluminium sulphate): Chemical used to purify water.
  • Aquifer: Rock or soil that can hold groundwater and is permeable.
  • Bio solid: Nutrient-rich organic residues produced from the wastewater treatment process.
  • Blackwater: Waste water from toilets.
  • Catchment: The area where the flow is discharged into a river dam or wetland.
  • Cistern: Container used for draining water in urinals and toilet bowls.
  • Cloud: A gas filled with water in the sky.
  • Coagulant: The name of the process performed to purify the particles during the water purification process.
  • Community water use: General spring water available to every individual in a community.
  • Compensating basin: Basin where rainwater is temporarily stored and reintroduced into the groundwater system.
  • Condensation: The process of converting gas to liquid.


  • Conjunctive use: The process of storing rainwater in rainy years and months and then accumulating and using it for a possible drought.
  • Dam: The name given to dams that are usually built on rivers to control and stop the flow of water.
  • Damp land: The name given to basins that are seasonally filled with water.
  • Decomposition of waste water: The name given to the organic matter that is broken down by the effect of bacteria in the waste water.
  • Dehydration: Dehydration of the body, loss of water.
  • Desalination: The process of separating salt and minerals from saline water.
  • De-watering: The process of removing groundwater by drilling holes in the ground.
  • Efficient: Without wasting (water).
  • Evaporation: The process of turning a liquid into a gas by evaporation.
  • Evapotranspiration: The process of evaporating water from the leaves.

More Water Words

  • Flood: A flood of water that submerges an area.
  • Floodplain: Seasonally inundated area near rivers.
  • Fresh water: The name given to waters with low salt content.